Aladdin: The Musical

“Always believe something wonderful is about to happen” – Genie

Aladdin has always been one of my absolute favourite Disney movies since childhood. Naturally when I found out I was going to watch the West End musical for my birthday, I was ecstatic! The production was simply spellbinding, the outfits were bursting with rich colours and the cast were an absolute credit to the characters.


I sat in my seat as the red curtains parted, my excitement peaking. With keen eyes I gazed in awe at the bright desert orange backdrop with Arabian market props jotted around, instantly transporting me to an Arabian city. Royal colours of silk were draped over the cast dancing across the stage; emerald greens, rich purples, vibrant ruby reds, Turkish blues and sparkling golds while they sang Arabian Nights.

As the show was going on I couldn’t help but think this is the best musical I have ever seen! I loved each and every second of the show, watching eagerly as if it was a complete new story to me. The cast brought the characters to life right before my eyes with an obvious passion and energy put into their performance.

My favourite character from Aladdin had always been Aladdin, however I walked out the theatre a brand new Genie fan. The character of Genie was given added humour, sass and fabulousness which caused the crowd to instantly warm to him. Trevor Dion Nicholas who plays Genie was clearly the star of the show, the crowd were practically roaring well earned cheers for him.

I wasn’t going to write about my Aladdin experience without mentioning A Whole New World was I?! I don’t even know where to begin, it was amazing! The backdrop was pitch black with twinkling stars illuminating the set. Aladdin (Dean John-Wilson) and Jasmine (Jade Ewen) sat on the magic carpet as it navigated its way around the whole stage, they gazed out into the distance singing each note perfectly (while I quietly sang along terribly). It was precisely at this moment I wanted to be Jasmine!

Alas, my favourite part – THE WEDDING! Jasmine was dressed in beautiful outfits throughout the musical but her wedding outfit was beyond magical. Her dress was in a delicate pale blush shade dripping in sparkly diamonds, it almost caused my eyes to pop out of my head! The backing dancers complimented her clothes beautifully in white lace dresses, the props such as the cake were extravagant and the set had a sense of opulence.

Final thoughts? If you haven’t already been to see Aladdin The Musical, you NEED to go – that’s an order not a suggestion! The only negative about the whole experience was the fact that you’re not allowed to take pictures of the production, however I suppose its good in a way as it allows you to live in the moment. We should always remember to live in the moment once in a while.


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